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The future of underwater exploration

Successfully funded on kickstarter!

World's Smartest and Safest Diving System

SUPA HUKA is a tankless hookah-diving system. Designed to be smart,  simple and safe, SUPA HUKA allows you to explore the seas with ease.  With our system you can dive 30 feet (10m) deep for up to 2 hours on a  single charge. Coupled with solar charging, a Dive-Smart inflatable vest, additional air reserve and a travel friendly and compact design,  SUPA HUKA brings you the future of underwater exploration.

Explore new worlds

Never before has it been easier to explore new worlds. SUPA HUKA is designed with travel in mind, with a rolling base, telescopic handle and compact design, ensuring your equipment will never hold you back.

Get up close and personal

SUPA HUKA brings you closer to the wonders of nature than has ever been possible with snorkeling. And with no heavy tanks, cumbersome gear, or rental equipment fees, we've eliminated the hassles of SCUBA diving. 

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